Friday, March 1, 2013

Matthew and Kiera originally met in 7th grade, in Physics class. They sat near each other, but never really hung out. They ended up going to different high schools. Matthew went to Mission and Kiera to El Toro. Kiera's friend (that went to Mission) had a picture of her in her binder and Matt saw it in one of their classes. He told her friend he had to (re)meet her and showed up at a party she was throwing at her parents house. They hit it off right off the bat and ended up having their first kiss that night! They dated for the next 6 months where they both experienced ''first love'.' True high school sweethearts. They even went to homecoming together.
Over the years, they dated off and on. Something kept pulling them together, over and over and over! They spent summers together at the river, took family trips together, and spoke every day.
Both of their families knew it was meant to be, but it took them until September 2009 to really figure it out for themselves. It took many years for them to truly get it together, but the love has always been there, and the friendship never ended, only growing stronger over the years. Now they couldn't be happier and intend on having a long, healthy, loving life together.

We love their wedding pictures and you can tell from thier smile, their day was all they had dreamed about and more...
First Look:

We LOVE his smile when he sees his bride for the first time

The Beautiful Couple
We love all the details Kiera put into her wedding.  Kiera put each of their grandparents wedding pictures in charms to hang from her bouquet.... So special and such a lovely memento and keepsake!
The Wedding Party...

 We love all the expressions on the maids faces as they watch Kiera walk up the aisle!
There are so many yummy little details to their wedding....


Kiera's mother in law made each manzanita tree... we can tell you they were AMAZING!

 Kiera's wedding planner, Denise Hiatt making sure every detail is just perfect!

The Families...

It was a beautiful day!  We wish Kiera and Matthew a lifetime of Love, Health & Happiness!!!


 Thank you Kiera for sharing such beautiful pictures with us and to Steffany and Carson for capturing such beautiful moments and glorious details of their special day!

Photographer:  Nothing But Miracles
Wedding Planner:  Denise Hiatt
DJ: Bryan Thrane Pacific Entertainment
Floral Design: Soiree Design & Events


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